Trote y Galope and Trocha horses


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Trote y Galope, Trocha horses

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167 views - 0 comments

TyGOwners' Club

TyGOWners' Club was created to bring together the Trote y Galope and Trocha horse owners and fans. As owners, we believe to have the power to make this breed succeed in the United States. We think that strong relationships are needed to take the breed to the next level in the US.

It is very critical to keep owners engage in activities throughout the year. We also understand the importance of reaching out to people outsite our normal proximity and we hope this site can help us accomplish part of that.

Our goal is to promote, and protect the heritage of the Diagonal Paso Horses;  Trote y Galope, Trocha y Galope and Trocha Pura.  These wonderful horses are close cousins to the Paso Fino. The breed originated in Colombia South America beginning in the 1940’s by the crossing of an imported Portuguese Lusitano bullfighting stallion and a Paso Fino mare. This cross through selective breeding has produced a noble, powerful, yet kind horse with willingness to please. The unusual gait is definitively a thrilling ride. The breed was originally used as a working horse because of their exceptional athleticism and versatility. People of all ages find them very exciting to ride.

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